Albums are incredibly special. To put it simply: everything looks better in print. 
I believe the choice of investing in an album is similar to the choice of getting high quality photography. You can opt for what is cheap in price and cheap in quality or you can invest in an heirloom product that will last generations.

I’m not here to convince you to buy my albums. If you prefer getting something more affordable, I will happily send you recommendations for sites where you can design and order your own albums at a cheaper rate and quality. In fact, here are my recommendations: +

My philosophy is simple:
I pour my soul into my work
The albums I offer need to do my photos justice
Conclusion: higher quality albums for the win

I have been relentless in finding unique albums with a natural and earthy aesthetic. What I offer is all made in Toronto, intentionally.
I only work with local artisans so that I can oversee the entire creation process (I'm clearly a little OCD).

All albums are designed by myself and include full design service - it is printed once all spreads are approved by you. 
You can be as involved or not involved as you'd like. I can design the entire album for you or you can choose the photos yourself.


Full design service
Dark brown genuine leather-bound cover & wrap
Printed on museum quality Giclée paper (aka this lasts for 100+ years without discolouring)
Deep-matte quality - there is no shine to the paper and the photos are rich in colour
40 pages that lay perfectly flat
No cuts & no gutters in the binding

$1300 + hst

Additional pages: $50
Duplicates for your loved ones: $900 + hst


Full design service
Blue linen cover
Printed on thick flushmount paper
No cuts & no gutters in the binding
30 pages that lay perfectly flat

$850 + hst

Additional pages: $45
Duplicates for your loved ones: $600