Chesterman Beach Day-Before Session in Tofino

Tofino has existed as a mystical place in my head for a very long time. I've heard tales about bioluminescence occuring at nights in the water and about fog sweeping over the shores for days at a time. That's all I needed to hear really, it sounded like magic and hoped that one day I would go and experience it for myself. 

Well, almost a year ago two fine folks by the names of Sarah & Neumann asked me to photograph their wedding in Tofino. As you can imagine I jumped for joy (I really did!). I was counting down the days until it would finally become reality. With its lushness, its green flora and intense wilderness, as soon as I landed I knew that Tofino is what dreams are made of. What a perfect landscape for a celebration, wow.

So I went this past August to photograph Sarah & Neumann's remarkable west coast wedding that was Star Wars themed and on a beach no less! The day before their wedding, we met up at Chesterman Beach to photograph the two of them outdoors at sunset. I hope these images reflect the diversity in who they are - the wanderlust they both have, the intimacy they share with each other and their incredible sense of humour. These two were an absolute joy to work with and be around. They welcomed me as though I was one of their own, inviting me for drinks before the wedding, bonfires and brunch (who doesn't love brunch?!). I can't wait to post their full wedding story!