Colourful Engagement Session at the CNE

Shooting someone's engagement session as well as their wedding typically means that you get to spend a solid amount of time together. It's amazing and unique as more often than not, you're with a couple during intense periods where emotions can be at an extreme - huge amounts of excitement for what is to come, fear and anger for things that can go or are going wrong with the wedding planning, vulnerability because they've never had their pictures taken professionally before, copious amounts of stress, and an abundance of love.

So take all of those factors and add that the engagement shoot I scheduled with one couple was for the OPENING DAY OF THE CNE. For those unfamiliar with it, it's an annual amusement park/exhibition/awesome opportunity to eat really good things that are horrible for you (like the "cronut" or "timbits poutine"). It attracts a lot of people and causes A LOT of traffic. So one could imagine that we'd all be able to get a good sense of each other, especially when we're in a car together stuck in traffic, unable to find a parking spot.

I can, without a doubt, say that Yossi and Mona are a couple who not only kept their cool (I swear to god not even any actual road rage!!) but that they made each other laugh the entire time and found joy throughout the day. Rad couple, great shoot experience, absolutely adore these two.