Epic & Moody Waterfall Bridal Session in Hamilton

This past May I set time aside to shoot a creative bridal session. It was organized with a headstrong desire to create beautiful imagery bursting with raw emotion while showcasing Ontario's natural landscape. Ontario is known for its green and lush landscape full of evergreens and maple trees. However, there is so much more to our province's natural landscape that is often left unconsidered by couples for intimate wedding-related photography sessions. I wanted to explore another side of Ontario for this creative bridal shoot and the waterfalls of Hamilton were instantly the perfect place for it.

As a recent university graduate who is now in debt, investing big budgets for independently organized photo sessions is not a possibility. Which is why I hugely believe in the DIY attitude. Photography is limitless in its possibilities and being forced to think unconventionally with a DIY attitude can make anyone feel unstoppable, regardless of limitations.

A team had to be gathered who would not only volunteer their time, skills, and labour but would do it fabulously, with finesse and talent. Small, personalized details were important and so I scoured through social media for local talent who would be able to offer a variety of touches to the shoot. The majority of collaborators were found via Instagram and most of us met for the first time on the day of the shoot! It's pretty crazy.

Eunice, the owner of Vogue Sposa Bridal Boutique not only lended two stunning wedding gowns - she allowed me to wet the gowns. That's not a small commitment considering one of the gowns was made with silk! Anice Jewellery gave a wide variety of bohemian bridal jewellery that were one of a kind. Wisteria Floral Design, who barely had enough time with only a few days notice, was able to create the perfectly feminine and elegant bouquet full of roses and peonies. Pinch Cosmetics made sure that beauty & hair looked effortlessly on point the entire day even with high levels of humidity working against us. Not to mention how amazing my assistant Deirdre was, who didn't even hesitate to wade in the water and get her running shoes soaking wet just to get the perfect images! Finally Barrtt & Stef who are actually a couple in real life, allowed their intimacy to shine through genuinely and authentically - a feat that is not the easiest, and requires vulnerability and trust.

Rarely are there times when things come together not only well but easily - I can honestly say that everyone went above and beyond!

Credits are given at the end of this post :)

Beauty & Hair: Pinch Cosmetics - http://pinchcosmetics.com, @pinchcosmetics
Bridal Boutique: Vogue Sposa - http://www.voguesposa.ca, @voguesposabridalboutique
Jewellery: Anice Jewellery - http://anicejewellery.com, @anicejewellery
Couple: Stef Crawford (@steficrawford) & Barrett Lucak (@barrettlucak)
Photographer's Instagram: @liat.a