Magical Engagement Shoot at High Park

When I read Yvan & Robyn's initial wedding photography inquiry, I thought it was a prank from a close friends who knew me all too well. What they wrote and the vision they described for their wedding was too perfect to be true. I didn't want to get my hopes up! They detailed the theme of their wedding as woodland fantasy inspired, that Robyn would dress up as a unicorn and Yvan a wolf. I realized quickly that they were in fact real people and very serious about their intentions - I swooned HARD.  

While discussing what to do for their engagement session, they already knew what was important to them; the location had to be meaningful (High Park, as it's right in their backyard), some photos where they wore unicorn and wolf masks (which they made themselves), and some images where they dressed up in Victorian costumes because of their love for that era. The rest was in my hands. 

So off we went, for a sunrise engagement session at High Park filled with Victorian costumes and animal masks, all united by our wide eyed curiosities, love for adventures and passion for all things fantastical. Their openness, unwavering desire to just be themselves and celebrate their commitment to one another in their own creative way, has left me feeling endlessly inspired. I adore this couple and am looking forward to documenting what will surely be a magical September wedding. 

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