Intimate Toronto Engagement Session


I hear the word intimacy being thrown around a lot. Every other wedding-related blog post that I've read lately describes the event or the style of documentation as intimate. With its rise in popularity, I've been questioning what that really means.

Enter Erin & Josh: two human beings who in addition to being in love, have a deep friendship with one another. They really and truly enjoy each other's company and there's something extremely special about that to me. For their engagement session, I wanted to hone in on their connection and intimacy. My aim was to document how they interact with one another through their body language, their movement, their lines, their own love language if you will. So we did things a little differently. We chose a location not based on its beauty but rather its minimalism, thus removing any possible distraction that could take away from the sole focus of the session: their relationship with one another. We met in a studio that had a white wall, 1 couch, and some plants. Minimal as f*** and the perfect space to create some artistic, unconventional and intimate engagement photos.