Sunset Lovers at Ashkelon National Park


Ayla & Nato wanted to commemorate this new chapter in their lives with a photography session. This Argentinian couple purchased their first apartment together in Buenos Aires a couple of years ago. A month after they moved in, Nato confessed that he wanted to live in Israel. So exactly one year later, they moved once more! It wasn't Ayla's dream at all, she wanted to study medicine in Buenos Aires. Without speaking Hebrew and leaving all of their roots behind, their move to a foreign place sounds challenging. But the support and commitment they give to one another runs deep and that is beautiful. I'm inspired by both of them and especially by Ayla who is not giving up on her dreams and is going to study medicine in Israel.

For their session I wanted to capture their adventurous spirit and their love for exploring new places together. So I thought it would be fitting for their session to take place at Ashkelon National Park that runs alongside the Mediterranean sea. It is filled with archeological remains of several ancient civilization, yet it's right beside a coal-based power plant in a that's growing rapidly and transforming from what it used to be. It is a site that represents both the new and old to me and I thought that a perfect way to symbolize their old lives in Argentina and their paths ahead in Israel.