She Rose: Indian Bridal

I got together this past January with a fantastic group of female creatives - we dedicated ourselves fully to create a visually and emotionally rich Indian bridal story. We hope this - that is, the poetic narrative written below coupled with the photographs - signifies a source of strength, femininity, and sensuality.

Credits are listed at the end of the story.


Written by Sarah Hussain

I held myself dearly as her cold, dewy gaze rested on mine
She was everything I had anticipated for
Her glow to my inner being

She would hold me different
Walk to dance and kiss to enclose love letters
Bathing oceans deep
She made me feel eternal
Youth – she was a goddess
A timeless supremacy

A legend overseas, over lands – the feeling you can only feel with yourself
The oneness of love that we dream of

Her eminence
A nurturing overtaking of worlds
Binding our souls and the centuries amend of lost dialect
New reunited to enrich ourselves, now with her

india bridal
henna toronto
toronto model


Model: Kat Milos
Instagram: @katastrophist

Model: Nadia Mohabir
Instagram: @mohabir_n

Art Director/Stylist/Henna: Sarah Hussain of Breath of Henna
Instagram: @breathofhenna

Make Up Artist: Marley Brites
Instagram @makeupby.marley

Hair Stylist: Christina Gomes of Emporia Beauty
Instagram: @christina_gomes

Indian Bridal Wear & White Sarees: Chandan Fashion

Blazer/Black vest: Zara

Jewelry: Masooma's Zeyvar
Instagram: @masoomaszeyvar

Engagement Rings: Look At the Moon
Instagram: @latmjewelry

Location: Loft 404
Instagram: @loft404