Sunrise canoodling at Evergreen Brickworks


You know what I love about outdoor sunrise sessions? That it tends to feel as though we're completely alone and have an entire location to ourselves. That's definitely what it felt like for Pam, Matt and I last month when we met up at Evergreen Brickworks early one morning for their engagement session in Toronto. The space felt so soothing and peaceful with no other people around. It was perfectly serene and I highly recommend scheduling your engagement session at sunrise... if you can wake up that early!

Relationships aren't one dimensional and I truly believe that portraits shouldn't be either. I love the idea of documenting relationship dynamics with depth. Joyful photos of course should be captured, but also photographing quiet moments and silly ones too. Tender moments and perhaps ones that hint at a bit of mischief. Documenting different elements in a couple's relationship isn't easy but something that is deeply important for me to strive for. What I love most about this session was how organic it was to photograph Pam & Matt - they were so incredibly emotive and I hope the depth of their beautiful relationship shows through in these photos :)