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Iceland Adventure Session, Part II


This is part two of my documentation of two adventurous souls who got married this summer and wanted to explore Iceland beforehand. They chased glaciers, rainbows and waterfalls… my kind of people!! <3 We took advantage of the limited amount of time we had together as well as the never ending sunlight and explored the heck out of South Iceland for their engagement session. Avoiding the crowds as much as possible, we oooohed and aaaawed everywhere we went. Magic is real and everywhere in Iceland. Take me and I’ll prove it to you :)

PS: There’s a couple of photos in this post with running shoes + wedding dress combo realness and I love it. Heels and Icelandic landscapes are not a match people!

Much love & light to everyone reading.

View part one of this adventurous session in Iceland here.


Iceland Adventure Session, Part I


This past May I flew with two wanderlusting Torontonians to Iceland for an epic Icelandic adventurous engagement session. I only had 30 hours to explore the island with them before heading back to Toronto, so we took full advantage of our limited time together and took in as much as we could from one of the most breathtaking places on our planet. 

One of my favourite parts about photographing people abroad and in unfamiliar locations, is the opportunity it affords to connect with people in a deeper, more meaningful way. By taking myself outside of my comfort zone and into situations or experiences that I don't normally encounter, I'm able to learn a tremendous amount about others (and a lot about myself too!). The lessons I learn from travelling are invaluable. Grateful to these two lovers - thank you for inviting me, inspiring me and trusting me to create work from my heart to yours. I loved spending quality time together and getting to know you both. I'll cherish our memories together for a long time xx

This is part i of their destination engagement session, part ii coming soon!