intimate couples session

Two babes in a downtown Toronto parking lot

I want to give you permission to think outside of the box when it comes to your engagement session! Pinterest is a great platform but also saturated with the same ideas. So I challenge you to make wedding and engagement decisions based on what makes YOUR heart beat faster. I had this idea for a while, to photograph a half-naked couple on a semi-private roof or parking lot with a great view of the city. A downtown Toronto parking lot will do just as nicely as an epic mountain backdrop and a lack of clothes may feel vulnerable but intimacy is a big part of relationships and intimate photos are just as (if not more) valuable, beautiful and emotive.

Make meaningful choices with intention and full of heart.

Huge shoutout to Megan & Justin for being down for my crazy shenanigans. You’re champs for taking your clothes off when it was freezing cold - thanks for freezing your butts off. I have so much love for you two!


Steamy session in Ubud, Bali


Intimate sessions are so sexy. Say it with me! Real, romantic, sensual and steamy love is beautiful.

Capturing your love as it is helps celebrate you as a couple. The everyday moments and the special moments. If you take showers together - let’s capture that. Maybe you enjoy reading in the bath, giving each other massages or keeping it casual with a Netflix and snuggle. Let’s capture it all. These are the moments that become your memories - the ones you cherish, the ones that make your heart flutter, the ones you’ll keep with you forever.

The small mundane moments are part of your life - and they’re truly fucking memorable.

Thank you Sasha and Vova for allowing me into these special moments between you two. I photographed this session at the gorgeous Dewi Ayu Guesthouse in Ubud, Bali. I’m so glad you wanted to capture your romance in these intimate moments together <3