Leaving images open to interpretation is taking the easy way out

Photographers often do not explain the meanings behind their images. This is so frequently the case and I realize now that it serves no benefit in doing so. Let me tell you why by explaining my own story: 

I was visiting several galleries at the distillery district a couple of days ago and I had an epiphany. I always walk by abstract pieces and never think twice about them. That's because I don't "get" abstract art. I really don't. That is, unless an explanation is offered which then allows me to appreciate the piece on an entirely different level. All of a sudden, that same crap piece will attain some sort of significance for me. Maybe it was an explanation of the process itself, or maybe the reasons why the artist felt it had to be created. Whatever type it may be, explanations are important.   

I do not think other forms of art should be any different.

It's easier leaving photos open to interpretation - trust me, I'm guilty of this myself. Having to explain my own work and standing by what I say is difficult: my strengths do not lie in articulating myself well and I can change my mind about my own pictures and their meanings several times. To be honest, the messages behind my photos often come up after I create my images - and not before. It's a process and it doesn't make them any less meaningful or authentic. If anything, the photography and editing stages are my therapy and then I find a moment of revelation about myself at the end. 

It has been almost a full year of me expressing myself through photography. These images for the most part, have not been explained fully if at all. 

So what now? I am going to put more effort in offering detailed explanations behind my work. Doing so will not in any way hinder anyone else from viewing my images and making up their own mind. Announcing the existence of my own imagination does not overstep on anyone else's right to use theirs. I hope that by offering explanations, my images will serve to be more engaging and will encourage other people to attach their own meanings to them.  

Thoughts are appreciated, lots of love :) 

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