Two babes in a downtown Toronto parking lot

I want to give you permission to think outside of the box when it comes to your engagement session! Pinterest is a great platform but also saturated with the same ideas. So I challenge you to make wedding and engagement decisions based on what makes YOUR heart beat faster. I had this idea for a while, to photograph a half-naked couple on a semi-private roof or parking lot with a great view of the city. A downtown Toronto parking lot will do just as nicely as an epic mountain backdrop and a lack of clothes may feel vulnerable but intimacy is a big part of relationships and intimate photos are just as (if not more) valuable, beautiful and emotive.

Make meaningful choices with intention and full of heart.

Huge shoutout to Megan & Justin for being down for my crazy shenanigans. You’re champs for taking your clothes off when it was freezing cold - thanks for freezing your butts off. I have so much love for you two!