Photo by Sara Monika Photography! 

Photo by Sara Monika Photography! 


HI! I'm Liat, an artistic wedding photographer with
an emotive & unconventional flair! 

My intention is to create images that uniquely and genuinely reflect each couple. There are several things I tell my couples to ensure we're all on the same page + they get photos they adore!   



  ARE YOU ENGAGED? Here are 6 tips to ensure you'll be obsessed with your engagement photos.   

I care about ensuring that my photos reflect couples uniquely and truthfully. Here are six steps my couples take to ensure we're all on the same page & they get photos they adore! 

Creative Hamilton wedding photography


When planning your engagement session, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and influenced by social media. Figure out key details before being influenced by external ideas. By figuring out main elements (WHICH ARE TIPS #2-5), you'll craft a session that is authentically yours and not just based on imitation. 

Creative Toronto wedding photography


Ask yourselves why you're choosing a specific location and what that place means to you both. Consider driving outside of Toronto & the GTA for some really unique landscapes. Yes, that means you'll have to drive for several hours but not many people put in the effort. Think of it as an adventurous road trip with rewarding & unique results! Email me if you'd like a list of cool locations in Ontario that are 3-5 hours away!

Some questions to get your inspiration flowing:

Is there a place that holds significance to you and your partner? 
Where did you go on your first date?
How about shooting at an intimate session at your apartment?
Or renting a cottage or log cabin on airbnb? 
Is there a conservation park that you've wanted to explore together but never got around to doing so? 

 If there's intention behind it then you've struck gold! 

Check out this free-spirited couple's session, who intentionally chose Tobermory as their location because of shared sentimental value. 

Unconventional Toronto wedding photography


Planning an activity for your engagement session can be a lot of fun and take the pressure off! Is there a sport you bond over like rock climbing? How about taking your family's canoe out for a spin? Planning something you both enjoy that reflects your personalities is a great way to keep your mind focused on what's important - spending quality time with your fiance while your photographer is documenting real & joyous moments of you!

It can be as classy or as crazy as you want - after all, it's about YOU. View this couple's session shot where they snuggled in their tent & then explored the grounds at Solstice Gathering near Collingwood! 

Solstice Gathering Engagement


I don't like the idea of "props" in the sense that you spend money on some worthless piece of plastic just to add something extra to your images. Maybe people do that because they see it in other people's engagement sessions. 

I'm all for meaning. What are significant items you already own that connect the two of you together?
Maybe something that represents an inside joke you two share.
Or how about bringing your pets?

There are so ways to incorporate meaning into your session via details!

Intimate Toronto wedding photography

5. look fly 

Wear clothing that represents you at this time in your life but also translates well on camera.
Make sure that you both coordinate and dress on the same scale as each other.
 Planning on wearing heels while hiking at one of Hamilton's amazing waterfalls? That's not the easiest plan. Double check that what you're wearing makes sense for your choice location! 

Your outfits should be timeless so that looking back on your photos in three or four decades, you'll still feel beautiful in your choices. That means clothing without obnoxious labels and make sure that your clothing is form fitting and wrinkle-free! I encourage women to wear outfits that allow flow and movement. This adds more depth and visual interest to your photos! 



You should hire a photographer whose style you LOVE and whose work you completely identify with. If you can see yourself in their photos, you might be a good fit! By choosing someone who displays consistent work that excites you, you'll know what to expect.

Do you like the style of your photographer's work? 
Are you emotionally attached and excited about your photographer's work?
Are you comfortable with your photographer?

If you've answered yes, then trust your photographer to do their job. Give them the creative freedom to push their artistic boundaries. By encouraging them to create and do their thing without restrictions, you'll allow them to feel inspired and create their best work while bringing out your unique story.



GET IN TOUCH if you'd like to hear more tips about engagement sessions or weddings! I'm always happy to chat and help as much as I can.