Communication is extremely important to me -you should know what’s up every step of the way!
These questions are ones I get asked frequently. If you have any others hit me up.

How do you pronounce your first name?
Most people mispronounce my name at first, no worries. It's pronounced Lee-at and the t is soft.

Where are you based?
Toronto, Canada.

What do you charge?
My most popular package includes full day wedding coverage up to 10 hours and an engagement session. This comes out to $4000 + hst.
I’m super flexible though - if there’s something specific you’re looking for I can send you a custom package.

What’s full day wedding coverage?
It starts while you’re getting ready until around half an hour of people being super drunk on the dance floor at the end of the night :)
Full day translates to approximately 8-10 hours. Extended coverage is an option too!

How many photos will we receive & when?
You can expect to receive 50 photos/hr. This turns out to a minimum of 500 photos for full day coverage.
I believe that delivering unretouched photos is like delivering an unfinished product. Which is why ALL photos that you get are retouched within my personal style.
Wedding photos are delivered 8-10 weeks from the date of your wedding.. Huzzah!

Do we need a second photographer?
It totally depends. Smaller, more intimate weddings most likely don't need one and most of my weddings I photograph solo. 
I encourage an additional photographer for larger groups (150+ guests).
There are many benefits to having two photographers as opposed to one i.e. more moments captured!

Do you only shoot outdoor weddings? 
I’m experienced in photographing events in a range of lighting situations from outdoors to incredibly dark rooms.
Get in touch so I can send you full wedding stories that might be similar to yours.

What do you shoot with?
The type of camera you own does not equate to how amazing you are as a photographer - what's important is your vision!!! I’m super cereal about this (south park reference, not a spelling mistake haha).
Rest assured, I shoot with 2 full frame Nikon cameras and only use prime lenses! 

Will you work abroad? How much should we expect for a destination wedding?
I shoot several weddings abroad each year and charge a modest fee to cover transportation, airfare and 2-3 nights of accommodation. 
Every event is unique and is figured out individually. Let me know the date and location of your event and I'll provide a personalized quote.

How do we book you?
I prefer meeting people in person or chatting on Skype. There's something about talking organically that can't be replicated through an email chain.
Once we chat, if you're keen on moving forward I ask for a signed agreement & a $1000 deposit to secure your wedding date