Family formal photos

I believe in the importance of family & group photos and am happy to photograph as many as you'd like as long as time is allotted accordingly. We generally choose one spot and you two stand there while people settle around you. This creates image consistency. I work very quickly on these photos while making sure that everyone looks great so that you can all go back to enjoying your wedding and being present in the moment. Below is a sample list. 

I'll need 1 or 2 people (typically from your bridal party or friends) who know/recognize your loved ones and can help me coordinate and direct during formal photos. This makes things MUCH more efficient and fast. 

B with Parents (together and individually)
B&G with B's parents
B with B's immediate family
B&G with B's immediate family
B with B's siblings
B&G with B's siblings
B with B's grandparents
B&G with B's grandparents
B&G with B's aunts & uncles
B&G with B's cousins
B&G with B's best friends
G with G's parents (together and individually)
B&G with G's parents
G with G's immediate family
B&G with G's immediate family‘
G with G's siblings
B&G with G's siblings
G with G's grandparents
B&G with G's grandparents
B&G with G's aunts and uncles
B&G with G's cousins
B&G with G's best friends

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