Iā€™m not a company with 10+ employees. My intention with the way I started my business is to be as intimate and connected as possible with everyone I work with. All communication, all documentation, all of the retouching - literally every step of the process from beginning to end you're dealing with just one person - me. I take a considerable amount of time to get to know people beforehand so that by the time your wedding comes around, trust has been built. I'll know what you're looking for on the day of, I'll know who is important to you and who I should focus on, etc. Because of this effort, I only take on a select amount of couples a year so that I'm able to give each couple the amount of TLC that they deserve.

I hear horror stories about wedding photos being lost or not delivered - which is why I take backing up photos very, very seriously. On the day of a wedding, I minimize risk by having at least 2 cameras on me, several lenses and photos saved onto 2 different memory cards at the same time. Before I go to bed I backup all of the photos in a backup system set up by an IT professional, which saves all photos in 4 separate drives. Ultimately your photos are saved in 5 different locations at all times to minimize any risk of what could possibly happen to your wedding photos.