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Learn what to expect in terms of my photography style, the photos you receive and the investment made.


my photography style

My photography style is artistic, emotive and often moody. My approach is a mix of photojournalism and artistically directing when needed.

Poetic, unconventional and adventurous situations are what I find myself documenting most often when it comes to weddings. Couples who want to do things a bit differently, get married in their own meaningful way and who believe in the value of good quality photography.

My Philosophy

I want to show a range of emotions because no relationship is static and your photos should go deeper than smiling uncomfortably towards a camera. Let's get playful, deeply romantic, silly, intimate, weird and ridiculous. Let's push boundaries, experiment artistically and have fun.



During engagement sessions & couple's portraits on the day of a wedding, I give direction and adjust couples in order to make the photos look as good as possible.

During the rest of a wedding day, I take a documentary-style approach. I transform into a ninja in hopes of capturing real emotions. 



I prefer warmth over stiffness, and would much rather photograph people hugging