I don't expect you to come prepared with poses and be a fashion model. Regard it as an opportunity to capture an exciting time in your life while spending time together.  Let go of the idea that it's a "photo shoot" - just enjoy the experience of it and the time spent with your lover!



Make sure you pick a location that you absolutely LOVE - because this will greatly influence your photos! Whether you're at home, in the city or in the total wilderness - all that matters is that it reflects you!


3. dress like yourself, in neutral colours

Don't feel like you need to dress up - wear something that makes you feel confident and incredible. If that's ripped jeans and a leather jacket- do YOU. I suggest wearing one outfit and bringing a second one in case you want more variety in your photos.

Choose neutral colours (beige, grey, taupe, ivory, shades of white and black) or desaturated colours (eggplant, moss green, navy) for what you wear. Avoid wearing bright or fluorescent colours because they'll draw attention to the clothing. I want the photos to be about the love between you two, not about the clothes you're wearing.  

Make sure your clothing is easy to move in and wrinkle-free. Iron your clothing beforehand - this will make a HUGE difference!



I want to document the two of you as you truly are. Remember how you two act when you're alone and let me into that space. If you're incredibly affectionate with each other or ridiculously goofy - I want you to be entirely yourself so don't hold back! I will of course guide you through the session but you have to meet me halfway. Be entirely and uniquely yourselves!


 5. arrive ON TIME

Most of my outdoor sessions start 1.5 hours before sunset. Working with natural light, this isn't a coincidence. It's scheduled this way so that we have the best lighting for your photos. Please make proper considerations for transport time. If we start late, we won't end late. We'll be shooting right through sunset and the timing ensures that we can take advantage of the best lighting to give you the best results!


6. Make a day out of it!

You're not going to be your most relaxed and optimal self at the end of a busy and stressful work/school day - so consider playing hooky and taking it easy together! By the time we meet, you'll be filled with much more love and excitement as opposed to checking something off your wedding to do list! Let me capture you on your best day!



I absolutely LOVE photographing couples without clothing on because it gets to the heart of what I love doing: photographing genuine intimacy without any fluff.  My nude sessions are intimate, sensual and tasteful. I do NOT shoot in an erotic or "sexy" style. You can wear undergarments or be fully nude - the choice is yours. If you are interested let me know! 


8. leave everything in your car

I want you to be very mobile in order for your session to have as much of a natural flow as possible. Freeing yourself up from carrying stuff will allow me to photograph more in-between, candid moments. Leave your purses, bags and phones in your car!



I prefer focusing strictly on your interactions, your body language and documenting you in your environment in the most natural way possible. 
If you want to bring a meaningful item feel free to but props are not necessary and a majority of couples don't bring any! 

10. EMBRACE things as they are

Embrace the weather if it's cloudy or raining, don't be afraid of getting dirty and choose the road less travelled. Let go of any ideas that things have to look "perfect" - I want to capture things as they naturally are, so if we have to stop in between every shot to fix your lover's shirt or your lipstick, it'll throw off the natural vibes. I want to keep your session as organic as possible. 

About "bad" weather: my favourite time to shoot is when it's cloudy or raining. The lighting is perfect for photos. However, don't worry -  if there's a torrential downpour we can always reschedule! 

I hope these tips are helpful when planning your session, but it is not a rule book! This is ultimately your session and you should do what is right FOR YOU. Add your own personal flavour to your session, make it meaningful and have fun!