Engagement sessions typically last 1.5 - 2 hours.
A majority take place on a weekday, ideally in the evening. The best light is two hours before sundown. However, we can shoot any time of day. Even shooting at twilight can offer unique and beautiful photos.

There are numerous benefits to shooting on a weekday evening. Places are less crowded than on weekends, parks are typically emptier, and we can schedule further in advance. 



These sessions are about celebrating your love and life together but also it's a chance to "unlearn" how you've previously taken photos up until now. To capture moments that tell your story, embrace individuality, showcase creativity, and illustrate the love you share.

My sessions are relaxed, guided and creative. The result is a sequence of photos with variety that you'll be able to share with loved ones, frame on your walls, print in a wedding guest book and so much more.

Aside from getting the photos, engagement sessions are when we really get to know each other. You will quickly get a sense of how I work and use subtle direction to capture you in a natural way. After your session, you'll be much more comfortable in front of a camera on your wedding day. I'll also be able to get a sense of your dynamic together and learn more about your preferences. For example, some couples are really not into public displays of affection and some are. The wedding day shooting goes so much smoother if we all know what to expect from each other. 

Having an engagement session is always a great choice.



This is entirely up to you. We can shoot a cozy in-home session, venture out into the wilderness or go into the city. I can shoot anywhere. Your location of choice will influence the photos created so it's a good idea to pick somewhere meaningful and unique - a place that represents you both. If you love where we are, chances are you'll also love your photos. 

Planning and executing your engagement session does not have to feel deep, philosophical or stressful. Just like with weddings, there are absolutely no rules. It can be whatever you want it to be. If you feel stuck on where to go, get in touch. I'm happy to help brainstorm.

Some of my couples do enjoy having a theme or planning a concept for their engagement photos. If you have one in mind, I'd love to hear about it.

Permits are sometimes required, please check in advance. In places that require permits, typically we can get away without obtaining one but there is always the chance of getting kicked out. It's good to be aware of this. The risk is much higher on your wedding day due to your wedding attire. On your wedding day, it's not worth the risk. I will always recommend obtaining a permit for your wedding day if required.

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What to wear

Like the location, your outfits should reflect who you are. Wear clothing that represents you at this time in your life but also translates well on camera.

Avoid wearing baggy button down shirts and clothing with labels, visible straps or tags. If you wear clothing that is very tight, please be mindful that the lining of your undergarments may show. Make sure your clothing is form fitting and wrinkle-free. Iron your clothing before - this makes a HUGE difference. Make sure that your clothing makes sense for your location. E.g. please don't wear heels at a waterfall. 

Make sure you both coordinate and dress on the same scale as each other. It will look weird if one person is super fancy and the other is not. Ladies, the movement from certain clothing such as free-flowing dresses can add more depth and visual interest to your photos.

Keep it minimal. The more minimal your session is, the more your session will flow and the sequence of photos you receive will look more natural. When it comes to wardrobe I suggest wearing one outfit, maximum two. You'll be able to spend your time being in the moment. More outfit changes may impact the amount of shooting time. If you're having trouble deciding, feel free to bring several options and we can go over them together on the day of. 

Remember - confidence is everything in photos. Your clothing should be something your comfortable wearing, easy to move in, something that compliments your physical features, your individuality, and something that makes you feel amazing.



My nude sessions are intimate, sensual and tasteful. I do NOT shoot in an erotic or "sexy" style. You can wear undergarments or be fully nude - the choice is yours. If you are interested let me know! 



During the session, plan on only carrying the bare minimum. If you can, leave purses, bags, cellphones, etc in your car.

In terms of props and things to bring, I think there's a fine line - some are cheesy and some can add a lot of interest and dimension to your photos. Including them in your session depends on you. They're not necessary and most couples don't bring anything. If you want to bring something feel free to. Some people bring their pets! 


For outdoor sessions, if it's cloudy or a slight drizzle that's actually my favourite time to shoot. That means that there's diffused light which makes skin look much nicer compared to direct light on a sunny day. However if there's a thunderstorm/pouring rain we'll simply reschedule. 

I hope these tips are helpful when planning your session, but it is not a rule book! This is ultimately your session and you should do what is right FOR YOU. Add your own personal flavour to your session, make it meaningful and have fun!