Making teen models look more grown up

I met up with my cousin this past Saturday in Ashkelon. There's not much to do on a Saturday anywhere in Israel really because most things are closed, including public transportation. So what better way to spend some quality time than being creative in nature with family?

My grandfather watched me edit some of the photos later that night. He said something I found interesting - that it looks like my cousin in the photos but I made her look much more like a woman in her twenties than the 16 year old girl that she is. I think she does look older and more womanly in the photos but I was trying to build a character and not necessarily photograph her. I didn't sexualize her in any way so I see no problem in making her look older, but... would appreciate any thoughts on making teen models look more grown up???

Here she is on a regular day at school: 

Final photos from my shoot with her:



CJ & Shuvi's Engagement Shoot in Israel!

I met CJ while I was in India this past summer. I loved her vibrant energy instantly, not to mention that we were both Canadians who were travelling halfway across the world (I didn't meet very many people from North America in my 6 months in India and SE Asia). We realized a couple of months later that we'd both be in Israel at the same time - she was going with her man, Shuvi, to visit his family.

We planned to do a couple's shoot while we were in Israel at the same time. THEN they asked if we could make it a nude shoot.  I knew right away it would be a very special and unique session because they wanted to do something different. They were honestly such a fun, loving and goofy couple. I had a great time photographing them and working on these images. Here are the results!!