Tici & David: Bali Engagement Shoot!

So this is set one highlighting some of my favourite photos of the very crazy THREE DAY engagement shoot. It features the gorgeous German couple that I had the honour of photographing in Indonesia - Tici & David. Part two coming soon! 

Creative Exchanges Are Totally Worth It

I love creative exchanges, especially when it's something I can REALLY get excited about! Whoever has gone to India will know that in all of the tourist areas, macrame jewellery is everywhere. A lot of it is simple stuff but then you can find some really intricate pieces that are works of art - like Ram's shops in Arambol and Manali. Seriously, macrame pieces can be pure artwork and I for one am a fan. 

They can be priced at any range depending on the quality, uniqueness and who made it. Bracelets, anklets and headbands for example can range from $16 to over $100 (CAN) which is relatively cheap compared to what you would find in Canada - if you'd even find it here.  

I was wondering around Mcleod Gange near Dharamsala, when I saw a few macrame pieces on a window stand of a small shop and my jaw dropped. It was so different from all of the other macrame vendors, I was really impressed. I knew it would be expensive and didn't have the money to just buy one. So I introduced myself to the artist - Asif Zai Khan - and asked him if he'd be willing to do a creative exchange. He'd make me a unique piece using three stones that I gave him, and I'd take professional pictures of his work. By him saying yes, I not only got a beautiful headband, but I was also able to push my work further by using his beautiful pieces as props in my photography. 

These types of creative collaborations/work exchanges are so much easier than I used to think - you really just have to put yourself out there, be patient and not let the no's get in the way of a few amazing yeses :) 

Thank you to Mariah Steiger and Jahsiah Jacobs for modelling - again, I did the same thing with them. I saw them walking on the street and thought they were a beautiful couple and knew instantly I wanted to photograph them. I introduced myself and asked if they'd be interested and that I'd happily take some photos for their own personal use.  

Things can work out :) 

A Bhagsu Waterfall shoot

I stayed in Dharamkot, India for the whole month of June. It's a village near Dharamsala (which is where the Dalai Lama lives). It felt like a bizarre vortex that pulled me right in the second I arrived - full of the kindest, most interesting people - tourists and locals alike. The locals were Tibetan, the tourists were largely Israeli :P 

The whole month felt like I was in a campy twilight zone - a good one. Days blurred into one another, I was creating and collaborating, there was a lot of love and a lot to love.

I shot this I think in my first week there, with thanks to three people who are now so close to my heart - Tashi, Tenor, and Jisun. Tashi and Tenor are Tibetans who live in Dharamsala/Delhi and the moment I saw Jisun I knew I wanted to photograph her - she is so beautiful! I might have, erm, sort of forced her into it haha :)

We hiked a bit up the Bhagsu mountain to get to a quieter spot of the waterfall. Here are some photos from our way up - from two cute mountain goats that were standing in our way, to Tenor trying to show Jisun how to model "properly." 

All I used for this shoot was natural light. Well, all I could use for the entire trip was natural light as I only brought my camera and and my 35mm Sigma lens with me! It worked out perfectly for this shoot, as the sun was setting beautifully, with great light on Jisun and the mountain becoming a dark backdrop. I think that choosing two photos side by side as opposed to showing one works better for the concept and title overall. 

"In Ever Changing Flow" 




Regal Flo

Though I'm head over heels passionate about fine art, I love capturing real people and find the challenges there different and enjoyable than what I normally do. This past Saturday I hung out with Toronto rapper Michael also known as Real Regal. We met in the neighbourhood where he grew up, as he wanted the photo session to capture his beginnings. Learning about his past and hearing his stories made me contemplate on how radically different our ideas of Toronto are. I really enjoyed his company and love the images that came out of our session. Here are a few :)