I’m a wedding photographer with a mission to make your wedding experience chill and your photos fierce AF!

99% of my couples “warn” me how they’re super awkward in front of cameras. I’d like to think I’m really good at showing people that photos CAN in fact exist where they look incredible + completely themselves.

My photos are described as artistic, documentary, emotive and painterly. For the most part I capture moments as they naturally unfold but I give guided direction at specific parts of a wedding day + portrait sessions in order to make photos look as candid as possible.

Warm, vibrant colours are my jam and delivering memories of your wedding that capture the mood and feeling is what I strive for.

I’ve been shooting weddings at home and around the world for the past 5 years which has led me to believe that there’s no such thing as one right way of getting married. Walk off the beaten path and celebrate in ways that are meaningful to you.

Toronto-based and prone to wandering.

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