Boho Couple's Session at El Matador Beach


Engagement Session

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer is being surrounded by couples who are deep within the joy and celebration of their love for one another. The burdens in their worlds don't go away but they have the potential to feel less heavy as they've made enough space for the joy in their lives to really flourish. As an observer, the happiness around me can't help but penetrate into my own core - it's a complete mood changer. You can't help but be affected by the happiness around you! It's too damn catchy. That's why, when I had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session on my birthday when I was in Los Angeles this past January I didn't need to think twice before I said YES! It was without a doubt a birthday well spent. 

From the second I met Priscilla & Ian, I loved how nurturing the dynamic was between the two of them. They were so kind and soft spoken to one another, it was touching. I read a post written by Nirrimi Firebrace about being in a long term relationship. It was powerfully raw and heartfelt that I wanted to share it with all of you - I hope it resonates!

this is the part where your touch becomes so familiar that i forget where i end and you begin. where i begin to talk to myself out loud because even though you’re right beside me it feels like i’m all alone. where i stop wearing make-up, wear ugly old shirts all day, leave the dishes piled up by the sink and sing songs i can’t sing well. where i’m cooking pancakes naked and you don’t bat an eyelid. where i lament the fireworks of the beginning and romanticise the excitement of singledom. where you tell me my soup is too salty and i tell you i hate that song you love. seriously, i really hate it.

but this is the part where i don’t need to tell you why i’m crying, you already know why and you know all the right things to say. where we work silently on our projects for hours on end without getting distracted by each other. where we know each other’s bodies so well that sex is divine. where you know just how i like my avocado toast (so much lemon) and i know just how hot you like your tea. inside jokes, all the inside jokes. this is where you know all the characters in my stories and i know the narrative of your life as though it's my favourite novel. this is where all games end and our flawed, messy, marvellous true selves begin.

this is the part where love whispers instead of shouts and even though it’s quieter now, it’s stronger than it ever was.

We shot this engagement session at El Matador beach in Malibu - it was a photographer's heaven and it didn't take long to realize that because there were about 30 other photographers shooting haha! Huge thanks to Priscilla & Ian for being such a radiant couple - it's people like you that make me swoon and love my job more and more every day. Thank you to Kayti Pillor for being such an amazing makeup artist & hair stylist!