Winter engagement photos at Lovt studio & Woodbine Beach

Shooting Toronto engagement sessions in the winter is so exciting - as a photographer I’m forced to think outside of the box with brainstorming locations because there’s only so much time that can be spent outdoors without freezing your butt off. Loved this shoot because we got the best of both worlds: adventuring outdoors balanced with a sweet indoor snuggle sesh. There are so many fab downtown Toronto locations but one of my absolute favs is Lovt studio in the east end.

I met up with Mark & Mae at Lovt studio recently for their own engagement photos and couldn’t have been more excited to hang out with them again. When we initially met to chat about wedding photography, we ended up spending a couple of hours drinking coffee and chatting about everything from Qigong, music, aliens + our experiences with sleep paralysis… My kind of people.

We started their session there and ended up at Woodbine beach which made for a gorgeous backdrop with and despite the crazy intense winds! The whole session was super chill and fun. We took our time and I hope these photos are an honest reflection of their dynamic together. Enjoy xx


St. Lawrence Market Engagement Session


Jessica & Leon took a stroll in St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto for their engagement session and ended up at their apartment for a cozy snuggle sesh. That’s what I love about engagement sessions - there’s no right or wrong answer. It can look like however you want it to look like. If that means exploring your favourite downtown Toronto area and then documenting your daily rituals at home (i.e. Netflix and chilling in your PJ’s) then that’s freakin GOLDEN in my books.

I’ll get asked sometimes which wedding or engagement session that I’ve photographed is my favourite and my answer is this: what’s ultimately memorable isn’t how epically stunning the location is, or how much money people spend on decor to please the Pinterest gods. What stands out consistently are the down to earth humans who are head over heels in love with one another and celebrate in ways that are meaningful to them. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Jessica & Leon and am SO excited for their wedding at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District coming up in just a few months! All of the hard work they’re putting into planning their wedding is going to pay off because the unique choices they’re making for their wedding reflect who they are. I CAN’T WAIT <3