Free-spirited Engagement Session at Massasauga Provincial Park


Not certain what to do for your engagement session? Write some notes and learn big lessons from these two crazy kids - there are NO rules for engagement sessions (just like with weddings!). Do whatever makes the most sense for you.

Shawna & Mason knew they wanted it to be at Massausauga, where they've both camped together previously. They wanted to document a bit of their wilder, more adventurous side to their personalities. From the get go, I could tell that Shawna & Mason have incredibly expressive personalities - they are both so joyful and extraverted. I often found myself excitedly stepping in closer to focus on just how emotive they both were.

This adventure was one I'll never forget. Besides the couple of hours spent documenting these two free spirits, we spent the night at Massasauga camping  along with Shawna's sister and brother. Good vibes, good company, bonfires, delicious food - that's what good living is all about. Shawna & Mason, you two are awesome. Can't wait for your camp wedding next summer!